Pandemic Survival Kit TO-GO Menu

A Nuthead’s Guide to Survival During a Pandemic
Survival Kits TO-GO

Call us at 517-351-0608. We’ll mix a kit up for ya’ and you can pick it up or we’ll bring it out to you alley-side.
Pandemic Menu not available for 3rd party delivery

Olive You for Keeping it Local

It’s our famous Olive Burger & Fries. Choose your your bun and we’ll throw in a Spartan surprise. (extras, i.e. cheese, are extra)   $11.90

Sunshine in a Glass

Wow, it’s a growler of Long Islands. Yes, we said growler…7 cocktails!   A couple of our signature pint glasses are coming with that growler.   $40.00

Snow Plow Special

We gotta’ give a shout-out to those keeping Grand River Ave. clean and clear this winter. We sell you a growler filled with a local favorite, M-43, and we’ll make sure you get a couple Hostess Snowball Cupcakes to eat or throw at friends.   $14.00

Peanut Barrel Surf & Turf

“snicker, snicker, tehe, haha”. The surf is our yummy Tuna Melt, the turf is BACON. Put it on whole wheat, add fries and we add the Snickers candy bar.   $12.85

Doggie Deal

Our ginormous 1/4lb, all beef, hot dog and fries grilled to perfection.Tasty! Don’t tell Zeke, our favorite Spartan dog, but we’re tossing in some Spartan Fan stuff.    $6.60

Burrr, It’s Chili

It’s time for Chili Cheese Fries to beat these cold covid blues. They’re usually enough to make you smile, but we’ll go the extra mile. Adding a  Spartan surprise.    $8.95 

Ride Em’ Cowboy Round-Up

Our most popular burger, a Rodeo Burger & Fries. Choose your cheese, chose your bun and we’ll wrangle it all together with some Jolly Rancher candies.    $11.50

Grilled Cheese Crunch Kit

perfect for the little ones, but big kids love it too! Get a yummy Grilled Cheese sandwich with fries…and a Nestle Crunch Bar is coming home, too.    $7.90

These fun, make you smile, offers are strictly for TO-GO orders only. We know a lot of folks aren’t comfortable dining in yet. We get it and want to send some PB love your way as you navigate the winter chill. All other menu items are available as well…just no giggles added. Any extras cost extra. Please #StaySafe, #PlaySafe, #WearAMask. Hope Spring brings us back together.